On Writing

Cuss Rushing


My insides are shaking because I put way too many things on my ‘To Do List’ for today. I had too much coffee and too much sugar, and my body is feeling it. Plus, my adrenaline is on over-produce because I’m really excited about my memoir class tonight. I’ve invited several local writers to attend and we’re going to have a round table discussion about writing process and writing from life. I’M SO EXCITED. Ugh. I think this is one of the reasons I was put on earth – to gather writers and creative people alike to get together and talk creativity. It’s such a thrill and inspiring rush.

I got up at 6:30am and wrote till just after 8am. That made for a (another) rushed morning. It was totally my fault. I can’t let the kids sleep in the long then rush them out the door. Sigh. Mom fail to start the day. We managed to arrive at school on time, but it certainly set the tone for my day – RUSH RUSH RUSH.

And for what?

Tuesday’s Truth is CUSS RUSHING.

I mean, if you haven’t noticed, there is always something about TIME in every truth I give. What the ‘h’ is wrong with me? Why do I need to fill up every ounce of time? And it’s not just time I fill, my friends. All you have to do is ask my husband…and walk into my home. If there’s a space to put something, to FILL, I fill it. Sigh.

To quote the Monster Diva herself, ‘Baby, I was born this way’. I seriously think I was. (Did I just quote Lady Gaga? Indeed…) You know, the only times I don’t feel time?

1) When I’m writing.

2) When I’m dancing.

I write everyday so at least there is one part of my existence where I don’t feel anything but what I’m doing. The thing is that when I do peel my eyes away from the screen, I realize that I’ve written far too long (never too much!) and then I turn into a rushing cuss-hole.

I used to dance all the time. When I was in university, there was always music on – on my headphones, in my bedroom or house. I danced my worries away each weekend at The Loop. Music doesn’t play such a large role in my life these days nor does dancing.


Today, in an effort to ease my rushing-ness, I put on Madonna’s ‘Erotica’ album. I do love her music. She created the soundtrack for so much of my life.

It’s 3:15pm. I have lots to do before my class still but you know what I’m NOT gonna do? RUSH.

I’m gonna get up from this chair in my dining room and DANCE. I just switched the CD. Now it’s ‘Like A Prayer’. Sing it, Madge.

I’m up. I’m out. I’m dancing.