On Writing

My Sentiments Exactly – Writing is Working!

I follow Miss Snark (aka ‘authoress) with a kind vengence. She’s so kind and giving when it comes to writing and helping writers abroad work hard(er), get connected, get agented, and keep our balls full of bravery to do the best writing we can do.

Here is her blog on working vs writing..er, writing as working.

I have to say, writing is working, and this year, this fabulous year two thousand and twelve – well, it’s my MAIN WRITING GOAL to make my WORK my WRITING. I’m doing it now.

So, if you ask me to go out or hang out or do dishes (argh), and I say “I’m working”, please know what that means. It means I’m writing because writing is working. (And that I love you and will make a rain date for that get-together…and leave the damn dishes dirty until tomorrow.)

Thank you, Authoress!