On Writing

2012 – A Writer’s New Year


It’s a new year, but what does that mean for a writer? For me, that means clean, purge, clear and go.

Clean my office. Good grief, Charlie Brown. It took me all day to clean this place. I cleaned everything. The desktop, the drawers, the baskets, the books. I threw out so much stuff. I even cleaned out the storage room that is filled with a life’s worth of writing. I haven’t gone through those bins yet. I need to get me a shelving unit so I can put the stuff I want to keep on it for use this year. And I need to be alone because I know what’s gonna happen when I open each box. I’m gonna start reading and reminiscing and probably getting emotional. I look forward to it!

I actually threw out things that I’ve been holding onto for years. You know, the stuff that you feel the need to keep because it made you feel good when you got it, but that’s been shoved in a filing folder for three years never having been used/read/felt again. I told myself that if I didn’t use it in 2011, it was a goner. It wasn’t easy but I feel much, much lighter. And ready to bring new things into my life.

The clearing happened on my desktop and in my head. You can see by the photos that there’s nothing in my  main writing space but my computer, my mo use, some tissue and a lamp. Holy mackeral, do you know how amazing it feels to write the blog with nothing around my computer? I’m really going to strive to keep it clean and clear. I know it will help my head-space.

Yes, I’ve done a lot of writing in my journal. A lot asking myself the big questions about my writing life and my writing career. I keep coming to the same conclusions: this is it. This is the year for ‘finishing’. I will finish writing projects. But I won’t freak out and try and finish them all. I have three major projects that I’ll work on with the full intention of finishing first drafts (at least). Three is a lot, trust me. But it’s much less than what I usually tell myself I need to finish.

I feel scared and ready. I think this is a great mix of feelings. The motivation is there mixed well with the anxiety about bringing my writing life to a new level. With all important change comes fear and anxiety though, right? Right. Write. 🙂

Today, the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition opens. I will submit with the hopes of winning so I can attend the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop in April for free (that’s the prize if I win). Here’s the link if you’re interested in the workshop (which is already sold out – yikes – but there is a wait list!- and/or the competition.

The Competition:


The Workshop:


I have this calm feeling in my chest when it comes to my writing. It feels good there, this calmness. The rest of me? The rest of my life? Well, it’s chaos. But I expected it would be. The calm before the storm rumbles gently in my heart and soul – my writing heart and soul. I can do this.

I hope everyone’s writing life will be full and fruitfull this year. And every year, really!

Happy writing! Happy New Writing Year!

Ready? Yep.

Set? All set.