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A MUST HAVE ON YOUR SHELF Children’s Book – ‘It’s a Book’ by Lane Smith


I don’t write book reviews on this blog. I want to, but it’s a dedicated, important part of blogging that I haven’t yet been able to fit into my writing life. BUT – when Miller got this book for christmas from her dear aunt Lisa, and we read it over and over and over again, I just couldn’t not give Mr. Smith a shout out for this tremendous work.

The book is called: It’s A Book

In a witty nutshell, it describes all the things a book has to offer that ARE NOT RELATED TO TECHNOLOGY. In fact, it pulls the reader back to the page and reminds us that there is pure joy in reading a real book (like with pages you can smell and turn). I fell madly in love with this book and I think you will too.

It sells on Amazon.ca for under twelve bucks, and I’m sure at your local bookstore for just a bit more.

Thank you, Mr. Smith.