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Disney Pics – And the memories are alive!

Oh yeah. We did Disney.

Here’s proof. 



[[posterous-content:pid___8]][[posterous-content:pid___9]][[posterous-content:pid___10]][[posterous-content:pid___11]][[posterous-content:pid___12]][[posterous-content:pid___13]]Notice the tail-like thing coming off Miller? It’s the backpack ‘leash’ we had on her for safety. I got some grief from a blog reader about ‘leashing’ our kids. He said it lowers them to animals, pretty much. That I should be a better parent so my children won’t run away and listen when I say ‘stay close’. I appreciate the comment. I thought about that too. I did feel like it was bizarre at first, but you know what? The leashes brought so much calmness to my body because I knew my children were always attached to me. Not so I couldn’t lose them but so no one else could snatch them…and kids are kids. They run when they see something they like. And at Disney World, every thing you see is ‘likeable’. I got over my guilty feelings of treating my children like pets when I realized I was treating my children like the children they are: wild and inquisitive and wanting to have as much fun as they could in a place where danger is everywhere. The leashes are put away now, by the way. 

I have to say too that the kids were asking for them when we didn’t have them on. I think they felt a sense of small thing in a huge world when they were there. They felt good to be connected to us. Anyway…Disney was easier because we had them…