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Tuesday’s Truths


It’s 8:15pm and about ten minutes ago while sitting on my couch reading a new book, I remembered that today is Tuesday. Tuesday’s I write my special blog: Tuesday’s Truths. I suppose it should follow that today’s truth should be something along the lines of ‘I forget things as important as my weekly blog’. Alas, while this truth is true because it (almost) happened today, it’s not what I want to write about. 

I did a big thing for my writing life today. BIG. It was scary and I almost cried when I did it, but I did it. Today I changed my schedule at my ‘day job’ so I can write more. GULP.

Yes, today I told my bosses (who are LOVELY AND SUPPORTIVE) that I will work two days a week, instead of my usual four, so that I can write two days a week. SUPER GULP. 

You know, I had this big, long speech running in my head about why I need the time to write, and why I need to make the change now or I’m never gonna do it. I was gonna mention that while I enjoy my job there it’s not what my creative heart and mind needs in order to survive. I was gonna say that writer’s write, and well, if I’m working there, I’m not writing. 

But I didn’t say any of that. I merely let them know that my schedule would be changing because I’m a writer and I want my writing career to continue to blossom (yeah, I actually said blossom). 

It went swimmingly well. Like, dolphins tweeting and jumping swimmingly well. 

Therefore, today’s Tuesday Truth must be: 

There’s comes a point in an artist’s life when she has to (she must) carve and create the time into her life to do her craft. She must make it mean something to do her craft like any other person makes her job meaningful. Writing is working. Working is writing. Writers write (and read). 

This frightening action must occur if said artist wants to live her life as exactly that – an artist. 

After my meeting, I sat in front of my computer and ordered some new books. To celebrate my success at changing my writing life on a GRAND LEVEL. 

Here are the books I bought:

Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing by Karen Benke

The Writing Diet Write Yourself Right-Size by Julia Cameron

The Everything Creative Writing Book 2nd Edition by Wendy Burt-Thomas

That’s how it happens. You make a commitment. You make a change even though you’re terrified. You celebrate. 

What changes are you making in your creative life? 

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