On Writing

Under Construction


I feel like I need to wear an ‘under construction’ sign around my neck.

My new schedule – the one where I spend TWO WHOLE DAYS A WEEK DEDICATED TO WRITING – begins next week. I think until then, I’m a total walking mess. I think it’s because I’m so excited about starting this new way of life that my brain is forgetting to tell me things I’m supposed to do. Like write Tuesday’s Truths on TUESDAYS.

Tuesday came and went. It was until I was three quarters alseep Tuesday night at 10:45pm that I remembered I was supposed to write Tuesdays Truths. I couldn’t get up to do it. I was too tired. And Miller was all snuggly and sweet up in my grill, I couldn’t leave her. And so, I didn’t write.

I need to change this website.

The truth is (be it a Tuesday or a Thursday) I need a web presence that is accessible, consistent and user-friendly. If I’m to be a real blogger, the least I have to do is write when I say I’m gonna write. I follow other blogs where they publish amazing work every day. Now, I know I can’t do that just yet, but I can commit to writing at least one dedicated-to-writing blog a week. On Tuesdays. Right? Right.

My new site will allow you, dear readers, to ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ me. So if you want, every time I post a blog, you’ll get a notification in your inbox. ‘Cause you want more stuff in your inbox. I know you do.See, I can’t deny the impact the world wide web has on my writing life. I just don’t think I’m using it to the best of my ability.

So a change is in the making. My writing life, including my web presence (or presents) is under construction. I’m going to (with the help of some very website savvy friends who will be named and thanked profusely) give you a website that will allow us to become even more acquainted with each other. Even more share-friendly.

I’m going to have a blog that fits my writing life. That is consistent and worthy of your reading eyes and precious time.

It’s hard, you know, to create such a space. It’s basically a living, breathing extension of my writing self. It can be as intimate as I want it to be, and you know me, that means very intimate. Why? Well because I have things to say. That I want people to read. That I want YOU to read. Because I think it matters. I hope it matters. You may not agree. Some of you probably won’t agree with what I say and do (if the blog I write for The Windsor Star is any indication, the ‘haters’ are the ones who write the most!) and I get that. I respect that.

I’m a writer. I want to write about writing. I want to share all things literary that I know of that happen in my community or yours. This amazing thing called ‘the internet’ (say in loud, deep voice with your arms outstretched) is here for me use to spread my voice. I’d like to continue to take advantage of it.

So, you can expect a change in blog style from me. You can expect a new design. You can expect to be able to ‘follow’ me if you so choose. You can expect me to not miss another Tuesday’s Truths.

I do appreciate your reading this far…for this long.

There’s more to come. But until then – I’m under construction.