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Rattle – new look, new theme for submissions…



A friendly message from the editor of Rattle, Timothy Green:

….At the moment we only have one more theme decided on – now through August 1st we’ll be reading for a tribute to SF poetry.  SF poetry would be the verse equivalent of Speculative Fiction, so any subjects that fall into that category are fair game: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Alternate History, etc.  Any poems that are set in a world that is not exactly the real world is an SF poem, as far as we’re concerned.  If you have any, send them in and let us read! 

But please don’t forget that less than half of the poetry in each issue is focused on the theme—the rest is open to any style, subject, or poet. We always enjoy reading submissions about anything, by anyone, in any style, and accept them by email and hardcopy, year-round, so never hesitate to send us work.  Moreover, all submissions to Rattle are automatically considered for the annual Neil Postman Award for Metaphor, which we’ve increased to $500.  Visit for guidelines…


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