On Writing

Script Frenzy – Day 2/3 – Word count: 527 – Page Count: 3


Yup. Got her started. Oh yeah.

Three down. 97 to go. Hee.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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a screenplay by vanessa shields



Two pretty dead twenty-somethings fall in love during open-heart surgery.




In the world of Pretty Dead, Emily is an expert. Being born with a bad heart, she’s been under the knife too many times to count. She’s in desperate need of a new heart, and finally one is ready. Unfortunately, it’s in the body of Rochester, a suicide case who is harder to crack than the plaque in Emily’s valves. As surgeons prep her heart transplant surgery, the space between the pretty dead and dead gives Emily a chance to break Rochester down. As they venture in and out of the past and the operating room, Emily’s heart makes a life-changing decision. She finds true love in the middle world, and chooses death herself in an attempt to be with Rochester.