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In her book, Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande writes about the magic of writing and being a writer. Her honest, even harsh, but realistic and inspirational words speak to the power of words, and the courage of being a writer.

Here’s how you can win this book:

Be the first person to respond honestly to this question: (you can respond via posterous or Facebook)

Describe the magic you feel as a writer or reader. If you’re describing the magic of being a reader, be specific about the book that conjured up the magic in your reading experience.


I will respond to the winning comment to get contact information.

Thanks for reading! Let the magic continue!


4 thoughts on “BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST!!!

  1. OK Boo Boo, here’s the thing. I don’t feel it’s right for me to swoop in and claim another book since I won a book last time – and a frickin’ aMAZing book at that! But what is everyone waiting for?! I mean, it’s a FREE BOOK for the love of Pete – don’t even have to pay shipping or handling or taxes or nuthin’! Come on! A FREE BOOK! I can’t think of a better prize. Really. I just took a moment there to think, and nope, there is no better prize. Soooo, if no one leaves a comment and claims the book by tomorrow afternoon, I’m swoopin’! Oh yeah, I’m gonna swoop fer sure! Warn your readers that mean ole Penny-Anne is going to steal their book away from them if they don’t get busy soon. IT’S A FREE BOOK!!!


  2. Even though it’s giving me a serious case of the shivering sweats, I’m going to wait until 8 pm this evening before swooping. Come on people! A FREE BOOK! What the h-e-double-sippy straws are you waiting for?!


  3. Oy people, you’re killing me here! Fine. I’ll give y’all until Monday morning, early, then I’m swooping! No more reprieves! Y’all know the book is FREE, right?!


  4. Julia Cameron says in The Sound of Paper: Starting From Scratch “When we are engaged in the creative process, we are engaged with higher forces. Mysterious forms and forces seek entrance through us, and we had best cooperate.”Sounds like a veiled threat, but the reality is, if writers fail to submit to the magic of their calling, if they will not allow “mysterious forms and forces” entrance into this world through their writing, there are consequences, particularly for their mental health. To deny our vocation can only lead to misery.The universe has called us. We are conduits giving voice and form to a world unseen. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.


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