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The winner of my second book giveaway is the one and only, PENNY-ANNE BEAUDOIN! She will receive a brand new copy of:


Her comment on the magic of writing was as follows:

Julia Cameron says in The Sound of Paper: Starting From Scratch “When we are engaged in the creative process, we are engaged with higher forces. Mysterious forms and forces seek entrance through us, and we had best cooperate.”


Sounds like a veiled threat, but the reality is, if writers fail to submit to the magic of their calling, if they will not allow “mysterious forms and forces” entrance into this world through their writing, there are consequences, particularly for their mental health. To deny our vocation can only lead to misery.

The universe has called us. We are conduits giving voice and form to a world unseen. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

Just lovely, Penny-Anne! Thank you again for being my one and only commentor! We’ll continue to fatten up your library one book at a time!



  1. I don’t understand it, Vaness – my computer nearly shorted out from all the drool that leaked onto it from the moment I heard about the newest giveaway. And Lord knows, I tried to hold back for as long as I could. At one point there I thought my head was going to explode. But I am absolutely thrilled to have one another new book! I guess the universe just wanted me to have it. Thanks universe! Thanks very much, Boo Boo!


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