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Fanado – A new way to connect. Thanks, Margaret Atwood & Daniel Edelman!

Here is some information from a press release that went out regarding ‘Fanado’ – a new website to help artists get and stay connected.

Margaret Atwood launches Indiegogo Campaign – “Fanado Goes Mobile”

Fanado is an online event space where artists and performers can connect with fans and aficionados, present to audiences, greet fans one-on-one, sign personalized collectibles, sell directly online, live stream and archive the event, and create personal experiences and lasting memories.

Fanado: (n) fan•ad•o /f ’nädō/ 1. a person who is totally into and wildly knowledgeable about great artists of any and all kinds.

2. an innovative company dedicated to providing truly unique experiences and official autograph connections for such people.

“Fanado Goes Mobile” will fund the development of two mobile apps – one for artists and one for fans. Every iPad, iPhone and Android device will become the stage door – providing access behind the scenes, on the tour bus, in the recording studio, and wherever artists are creating. Currently anyone with a computer and a webcam can participate in Fanado’s pilot events, where musicians, athletes, authors and other celebrities host live online “meet and greet” sessions with their fans and sign deliverable mementos. This Indiegogo campaign will help fulfill Fanado’s mission of “Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace.”

Previously known as Idolvine, Fanado is based on the expertise that co- founders Margaret Atwood and Matthew Gibson developed in the fields of handwriting, remote signatures, video conferencing and digital media delivery. The distinct combination of face-to-face online meetings with legally verifiable signatures — part of a patent portfolio built over seven years – is exclusively licensed to Fanado. Only Fanado can combine video with signatures, and deliver genuine autographs combined with personalized products, as well as artist/fan snapshots and video clips from the online meeting…

Fanado is more than a video chat, and delivers more than an autograph. Events are built around a backstage environment where fans with common interests can hang out, take part in public text

1chats, hold private video chats, discover new artists, learn about upcoming events, and make new2 friends. Participants in the “On Stage” meetings with artists receive an instant video clip of their experience that can be shared via social media. The audience member will also receive a one-of-a- kind, personalized and authentically signed collectible.

For more information, please visit the website:


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