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Upcoming Guest Writer’s Response to my Binders blog…

The amazingly talented, gentle soul, Penny-Anne Beaudoin made the following comment on my blog about binders:
                                                                                                                                                “The binders – one full of rejections and the other a new manuscript, both of them saying the same thing: here lives a writer!
    Someone fully engaged in her craft, who stands four-square and undaunted in the face of rejection, who will refine and purify her work but never change or subvert her unique essential voice.  Someone who feels the pain of work unvalued or misunderstood or ignored but who refuses to dwell in the slough of despair and chooses instead to move onto the next creative challenge with confidence and determination.  Someone who walks through a hail of criticism unscathed, and in the midst of it all, gives birth to her spirit-child – a brand new manuscript.  Yes.  Yes.  Here lives a writer!
    Unseen, but no less present is a third binder filled with accounts of how, with every sacrifice she has made, every commitment she has shouldered, every step she took to fulfill her purpose, the universe has fallen into line to assist her – sent her teachers and mentors, colleagues and friends, supporters and fans; encouragement, cash, gifts, freebies, opportunities synchronicities, guidance, strength, blessings.  And how she has taken it all and become a force of good in the lives of other aspiring writers.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Here lives a writer!!”
                                                                                                                                           Thank you so much, Penny-Anne. Folks, you can expect more amazing insight and outstanding writing from Mizz Beaudoin in an upcoming guest blog. 

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