Windsor Star Blog Views Reach Over A Thousand!

In case you missed it, one of my recent blog posts for The Windsor Star newspaper’s online edition, Hot Mama – It’s Possible (posted June 29th), has caused a giant influx of readers to read.

One thousand, one hundred and thirty-five, to be exact. That’s 1,135. Um, that’s awesome, right?!

I’ve been checking stats for quite some time, and I’ve barely reached 500 on one other blog post. To reach and surpass the one thousand mark, well, by golly, I just had to share the news with you all! Heck, you, sweet reader, are be the reason for the high number!!

Yeah, I know it doesn’t mean that that many people actually read the piece. That the stats are based on views, but even if it means that some folks are reading more than once – I’ll take it!

Thank you! Thank you for reading! And viewing! I feel like I must be doing something right to reach that lovely statistical mountain.

And just when I was about to re-think my blogging….I swish my hand in front of my face and pashaw that silly voice in my head that says no one is reading.

They are! You are! Thank you!!!!

Here’s the link to the posting, if you’d like to add to my viewing number…!

Hot Mama – It’s Possible!

P.S. If the link doesn’t work, please visit the Windsor Star website…I’ve been trying to make the link work for, like twenty minutes and it’s not working. It’s driving me nuts.




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