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I finished the first draft!!! HOLY SHI*!!!!!

I can barely believe it.

About five minutes ago, I wrote the last word in the last sentence of the first draft of the YA novel I’ve been working on for two years. More than that even. Two and a half years.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

This is super huge for me. Super surreal and amazingly amazing.

Here’s a video I recorded so I can remember what I look and feel like when Oprah asks me how it felt to finish writing this award-winning book:


Here’s another video that I did first but it was too long so I couldn’t email it to myself so I chopped off the beginning and kept the end:


My feet are freezing. I’m so hungry. I have to pee like mo fo. My nose is runny. Why am I not jumping up and down?!!!

I think I’m in shock.

Cold, hungry, elated shock.

Completion of the first draft. Incredible.

I want to be here in this moment, in these feelings for the rest of the day. Editing will start and slap me back into the reality of so much more work to do, but for now, for today, I want to just bask in the joy that is completion.


One thought on “I finished the first draft!!! HOLY SHI*!!!!!

    Yay!! I know how much this means to you- this must feel like your Mount Everest summit! And I must commend you on your vlogging out the feelings cause that’s incredible & I love it!



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