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Whisky Sour City & Talking Derby Book Launch a Giant Success!

(photo credit: Marty Gervais (i think!))

This is me on the day that I first held Whisky Sour City in my hands. I think my GIANT smile clearly shows how thrilled I am with the anthology!

This is the Editing & Publishing Practicum class that worked on both Whisky Sour City and Talking Derby over the last 10 months – from poetry submission call to holding the finished product in our hands.

(photo credit: Marty Gervais)

Again, more GIANT smiles.

The double book launch that took place at The Caboto Club of Windsor was a smashing success. Final attendance numbers come in at 350!! That’s incredible. The evening was filled with inspiring words from city folks from: parliament, the City of Windsor and the University of Windsor.

University of Windsor Drama students STOLE THE SHOW with their performances of poems from Whisky Sour City and essays from Talking Derby. They were stellar. Just stellar! Shout out to the Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Windsor for their excellent support of Whisky Sour City from its idea inception that Poet Laureate Marty Gervais had way back in July 2012.

As per usual, I was nervous to get up and say a few words about my experience with the class and Whisky Sour City, but I did it. And I didn’t cry (which is good, cuz I cried when I practiced reading my speech at home!).

Hee. This is me reading my speech! I love it! Thanks Edwin Tam for taking so many fabulous during the evening!

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in bringing Whisky Sour City to fruition, and most importantly, I’d like to thank the writers who submitted. This anthology wouldn’t have been born if you folks hadn’t gifted us with your words. THANK YOU.

Congratulations to everyone! Students, writers, readers!

Whisky Sour City: $16.95

Talking Derby: $15.00

Where can you buys these two amazing publications?


Biblioasis – 1520 Wyandotte Street West

The University of Windsor Bookstore – Located on campus in the CAW student centre basement.

Here are some on-line links:

 Whisky Sour City

Talking Derby by Kate Hargreaves

Here’s a link to some more photos if you’d like to have a boo:

Photos from launch

CBC’s ‘The Bridge’ – Hosted by Bob Steele – I was unable to record this interview as I was driving in the car to go pick up the pastries from Aurora Pastry…so I can’t repost if for you here!

Here is an article written in the University of Windsor Daily News (Wednesday, April 10, 2013)


One thought on “Whisky Sour City & Talking Derby Book Launch a Giant Success!

  1. thank you for all of your help through this process, Vanessa! the whole year was absolutely fantastic, and it wouldnt have been the same without you 🙂


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