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Pre-Conference Jitters

credit:Vanessa Shields

I’m almost ready for the Backspace Conference in New York City.

My suitcase is almost packed. My homework for the agents is almost done (and I’ve conveniently run out of paper so I can’t print any of it out when I finish later tonight). I’ve almost got my carry-in backpack ready to go. And I’ve almost finished two journal entries in two days. Almost.

I’m almost more excited than I am scared.

I’m almost ready to say goodbye to the kids and hubby…although I know this will be forever the hardest thing to do!

The last time I was in Manhattan was when I went with my girlfriend for the weekend. I took so many photos…It was a blast! I think I’m looking as much forward to taking photographs as I am to attending the conference. Almost.

I’ll be posting from NYC, baby.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Conference Jitters

  1. You will, of course, be brilliant! I’ll be thinking of you the whole time and sending you oodles of positive thoughts and energy, and will be eagerly awaiting your posts! Go get ’em!


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