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NYC – Day 4 – A Photo Essay (‘Cause the words aren’t here yet)

What I can manage for you at this point in time is a collection of photos I took today while walking to the conference via 5th Avenue, and then walking around in Greenwich Village before dinner.

My brain is sizzling from all that I’ve learned from the Backspace Writers Conference. I need some time to reflect. To write. And then share it all with you.

What I can tell you is this: this conference has changed the course of my writing career. I am extremely grateful for the authors, agents and writers I met and learned from.

Exhaustion is covering me.

For now, here are some photos. (And may I say, that today the streets were filled with an abundance of discarded umbrellas and empty chairs. Also, a cyber thank you to those who’s images I captured.)

Outline – NYC

Morning Reading on 5th Ave – NYC

Morning Empire – NYC

Glove – NYC

Umbrella garbage – NYC

Umbrella in Garbage – NYC

Clean-up in Rain – NYC

Friendly pigeon – NYC

Truck stand – NYC

Skinny umbrella – NYC

Leaning umbrella – NYC

Cleaner – NYC

Morning text – NYC

Gosh…I’ve many more but the uploader doohicky isn’t working and my eyelids are closing longer than they’re opening…so I’ll finish the rest on the morrow.


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