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Why My Editor is the Greatest – EVER

Today I was overcome with *PURE LOVE* for my editor. Not only has she been my editor for years – on and off for different projects, but always in my heart and on my mind for whatever current project I may need her for – but most recently for my new young adult novel Hangman (working title).

I have to tell you that I’ve not always been financially able to have an editor. And that’s difficult when not having an editor is like not having a doctor. An editor is essential for a healthy writing life. Over the years, my editor and I have become fast friends, married people and mothers. We have a thousand things in common. She gets me (she also had me at hello…or was it ‘bonjour’?).

So our journey on Hangman has been moving along well. I write.  I send her my chapters. She edits. We meet via Skype (we don’t live in the same province. Thank you, Skype, for existing!) once a week and go through my manuscript page by page, line by line, word by word…and in my case, comma by comma. (I’m not so strong in the punctuation department.)

If and when you are able to find a match-made-in-editing-heaven with an editor – hold him/her tightly. An editor is a friend with the best kind of benefits for a writer. Establish a relationship – without or without funds (trust me, she’ll stick with ya if she believes in you and your work) – and do great work together.

This morning my edior had a little surprise for me when we logged on to Skype.

Homegirl scared the pee outta me, then sent me into a fit of hysterics! She took off the mask so I could see the laughter tears running down her cheeks.

THEN – she said, “Is the connection weird?” To which I responded. “A little choppy.” And she said, “Call me back.” So I did.

Only to get this again.

She totally tricked me – TWICE. (I.AM.SO.GULLIBLE.DOT.COM)

Oh man! We laughed and laughed!

She gets me. See what I’m saying?

Thanks, awesome editor, for being great. MONSTEROUSLY GREAT.



2 thoughts on “Why My Editor is the Greatest – EVER

  1. Thank you so much for this, dear friend.

    And you had me at bonjour as well. We were the Mother and Crone goddesses in a magical place. I can’t wait to see France again with you one day (and, oh yes, we will).

    We really have been a match-made-in-editing-heaven. I always feel so gratified after our video conferences. So much so that I usually call Bryan immediately following to tell him how well our discussion went. He just loves to hear me so excited and inspired!

    Here’s to many more years of friendship and literary magic!!!


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