On Writing

NaNoWriMo Day 3 – Word Count: 4105

Hey, y’all.

This morning I wrote 1,370 words.

I wrote a prologue for my book. My editor and I were discussing the fact that the beginning of my story should really have a certain critical scene to set the setting and give the reader a healthy jolt of ‘holy shit’ right away. So that’s what I worked on today.

I cried when I wrote it. And the scene made my stomach churn and my heart hurt. Yeah, writing is a physical endeavour for me. You too?

It’s crazy that in real life I have a difficult time watching/reading the news because I can’t handle all the bad stuff that humans do to each other, then I sit and write things that humans do to each other – and I can write these terrible things in my story. And I feel them as I’m writing them. I know the difference is that one story is true and one story is not…but it still feels the same in my body.

I stopped because I was tired and sad. Tomorrow I’ll go back into the book and hopefully, the characters won’t hurt each other like they did today.

Here’s my video for today:


Happy Writing!


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