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NaNoWriMo Day 9/10 – Word Count – BIG NEWS!

Okay, so I’ve got a rather HUGE announcement to make.

And it’s the cause of my not posting on Saturday or Sunday.

I was definitely writing on Saturday and Sunday.

And editing and revising on Saturday and Sunday.

I was most definitely working hard and doing my best.

Am I killin’ ya?

Get on with it already, Shields! Is it an agent? Does an agent want to represent you and get a MASSIVE book deal for your novel?

Golly, that would be amazeballs!  But that’s not it. (Not yet anyway. I’m very hopeful!)

So what the BALLS IS IT?


I’m getting my second book published.

I’m sorry what was that?


(To quote my favourite anonymous Authoress)


Indeed! It’s all happening right this very day!

The story goes that an exciting conversation that happened about two weeks ago turned into the reality of me getting my FIRST BOOK OF POETRY published!!! It is published by Black Moss Press, also the publisher of my first book Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy (in case you forgot…).

These past two weeks I’ve been gathering and writing poetry late into the night and early into the morning. And this weekend I had to have my final manuscript in. I’ve met with my publisher, I’ve seen the proofs, and we’re awaiting the cover design to be completed! GAH! This is all really happening!

The title of my first book of poetry is:

I Am That Woman

Yes, siree!

While I didn’t write anything new for my novel on Saturday or Sunday, it was because I was finishing my new book. I’m pretty sure this a good reason to not work on my novel! I’ll have you know though, I really wanted to! I missed it!

Saturday evening the hubby and I went out to celebrate. It was a lovely night.

Soon, I’ll have launch celebration details for y’all.

Can you believe it?!!

Oh, and I slept in until 10:00am on Sunday. Mama was pooped. Happily.

How’s your writing coming along?!

10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 9/10 – Word Count – BIG NEWS!

  1. Oh my Goddess! Many, many congratulations you wonderful writer you! Pretty cagey keeping it secret too! Of course I’m buying the first copy. The line starts behind me. Much success! You deserve it!


  2. So Awesome Vanessa!! You work so hard always – not very surprised – but extremely excited for you!!
    I’m second in line (only because Penny-Anne saw the post before me!)
    Good work you amazing woman!


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