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REVIEWS! Mama *NEEDS* your reviews!

Readers and lovers of writing – especially mine! I’d like to ask you to take some time…whenever you have it…so long as you’re willing…to write a review of the books of mine that you’ve read. Since my books are on Goodreads and Amazon *dot* CA, you have the ability on both sites to write reviews. … Continue reading

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Today’s the day I sell and sign my NEW book I Am That Woman! I’m super excited to get this book into the world! As always, I’m nervous too! But the elephants haven’t started stomping in my belly, only the fluttering butterflies! I’m also selling my other books: Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy and Poetry … Continue reading

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My book gets a review in a national magazine!!!

Low and behold, and completely to my surprise, I’ve just realized that one of Canada’s leading family magazines, What’s UP Canada’s Family Magazine,  has written a review of my book, Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy. It was published in July 2011!! Right after my book came out. How did I not know?!!! Clearly the fact … Continue reading

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Girls Night Out II – Kate Hargreaves, Melanie Janisse and Me!

oooooo. it’s gonna be a spectacular night! three women writers. there writing. them reading it. hosted by windsor’s first poet laureate marty gervais. come on. it’s PERFECT. i can promise you that the conversations had at this event will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. we’re women. that’s what we do. i’ll be reading from my book…all … Continue reading