On Writing

NaNoWriMo Day 12 – Word Count: 9958

Today I wrote 193 words.


(Let it go, V. Let it go.)

Tomorrow is another day.

I also:

– worked all day

– cooked dinner

– did 10,000 dishes (I think if I gathered up all the time I spend doing dishes and tally it, it would equal to about 15 years.)

– went shopping with the family for winter boots, etc.

– took my grandma for blood work

– read more of Reality Boy by A.S. King

– fell asleep

I mean, really. 193 is better than none.


*Note to self:

Sweet sugar pop roxy pop, Vanessa! Stop being so hard on yourself! You just finished writing a WHOLE OTHER BOOK. And it’s getting published, for poop sake. Celebrate! Be happy! Be grateful! All is well. All is very well.

*Response to self:

You’re right. Thank you for that.


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