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CBC Radio ‘The Bridge’ Interview – Where I say Vagina on Live Radio!

Classic Vanessa.

I get a call from the producer of CBC Radio’s The Bridge (Denise – fabulous woman) asking if I’m available to head to the station for an interview about my book and the launch at 5:30pm. Of course, I say! (Practically peeing my pants.) I finagle a few things, and get to the station at 5:32pm. I know it was that time exactly because news anchor Susan Pedler opened the door to let me in and she told me.

“Is this a live interview?” I ask her as I’m racing to keep up.

“If it is, we better get you in the studio!” She says.

Wait, wuh?

I likely didn’t hear that it was live in the phone conversation I’d had earlier with the producer. (My ears were buzzing. They get that way when I’m really happy.) So I ran into the studio and saw that, yes, indeed, this was a LIVE interview. HAAAAA!

No problem. It was better that I didn’t know until then otherwise I would have been breaking my brain trying to cram rehearsed answers into it before the interview. I watched and listened to one gal read the news, and I gave a ‘thumbs up’ to the host, Sara Elliott. The producer asked me what poem I would read and I said ‘I Am That Woman’. I was thinking, yeah, this is a tame one. We’re good.

I chatted with the sound engineer and watched in amazement as they all did math in their heads (not with their fingers, like I do) and figured out exactly when I’d have to go in the studio. I followed their instructions, went in the studio and did the interview.

Listen to the interview here!

Oh man!! I had so much fun! Did you hear me say ‘vagina’?!!! So much for checking the poem over. Ah shucks. Not a big deal. Vaginas rule.

But I forgot to mention the band!!! Argh! I didn’t know the interview was wrapping up and as soon as it was over I told Sara I forgot to plug the band!!!


I can get used to radio interviews. Oh yes, yes I can!

Thanks The Bridge Team! I had a blast!

(Jian Gomeshi, I await your call.)

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