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‘I Am That Woman’ on TVCogeco’s ‘Plugged In’!

Apparently my interview with Plugged In host Tina Wells (@VoiceGoddess1) has begun to air on Cogeco Cable 11 and HD Channel 700!

On my birthday, May 28th, I was invited to be a guest on Windsor’s cable show Plugged In. This is the second time I’ve been interviewed on this great local show that promotes local artists and local goings on.

One of my Twitter followers sent me this:

Ha!! Love it!

I had a wonderful time being interviewed by Tina Wells. Her questions were honest, thought-provoking and entertaining. She read my book, which means a lot, so she had her own opinions and questions based on what she read.

The crew worked hard and put together a great show, and when we wrapped, Marlene brought me this!

Windsor’s local media are *THE BEST*!!! Talk about taking care of their own! The ladies hooked me up with one of my favourite treats – and lit a candle for my birthday!!

The show has started airing and will run over the next two weeks at the following times:

Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm & 6:30pm

Saturday and Sunday at 12:30pm and 6:30pm

I will be sent a video of the interview soon. I’ll be sure to post it when I get it!

Thank you TV Cogeco, Tina Wells, Marlene Corey and crew!!

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