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Sister SPAM-Me-Not – Heads up on new legislation…

You’ve probably been getting a crap-load of ‘confirm your subscriptions’ from various companies, blogs, people in the last couple of weeks asking your ‘official’ permission to continue sending you information via email.

That’s because of Canada’s new ‘anti-spam’ law that comes into effect on July 1st…and will unroll over the next three years.

Here is more info on it, in case my (weak) description ignites your interest and you want more:

Anti-Spam Info

As you know, if you’re getting this in your inbox it means you’ve indeed ‘SUBSCRIBED’ to my blog.

Thank you.

If you would no longer like to receive my posts, please make sure you unsubscribe. (Just look at the bottom of each blog post in your email, and you’ll see the ‘unsubscribe’ option.)

I do hope we stay connected!

Just wanted to make sure I made a point to remind you how to ‘leave me forever’ (no pressure to say at all, huh?), if you so choose.

Until next time…

Sister Spam-Me-Not

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