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REVIEWS! Mama *NEEDS* your reviews!

Readers and lovers of writing – especially mine! I’d like to ask you to take some time…whenever you have it…so long as you’re willing…to write a review of the books of mine that you’ve read.

Since my books are on Goodreads and Amazon *dot* CA, you have the ability on both sites to write reviews.

A review goes a V*E*R*Y L*O*N*G*W*A*Y! It’s how the word gets spread about what people are reading – and most importantly – that people are reading.

So, when you’ve got some time, I would be completely grateful if you’d write – even one word – in a review on either Goodreads or Amazon.ca.

Just in case you’re wondering what word to use, here’s a list (you can just copy and paste!):








And…if you’re into more than one word…

Made me pee!

Raw and honest!

Highly recommend it!

Every woman should read this!

Or, you know, whatever you’d like! Positive and negative. Everything counts!

Here is a link to my books on Goodreads:

Van’s books on Goodreads

Here are links to my books on http://www.amazon.ca:

Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy

Whisky Sour City

I Am That Woman


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