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NaNoWriMo 2014 – A Parent’s Journey – Day 3

TOTAL WORD COUNT: 3,516 (Wrote 2,511)


Close to three hours.


Got up at 7:15am, made kids lunches, signed agendas, filled out lunch food forms, scavenged the house for change to pay for lunch food, got kids up, got them ready for school, got myself ready, brought kids to school, came back home, made coffee, ate toast, answered emails, called doctors, did banking, figured out domain issues, blogged, did research, wrote, stopped to eat lunch, wrote more, coughed a lot, stopped writing at 2pm, went to get kids from school, helped jett with homework, did dishes, played cards with miller, made dinner, ate dinner with kids, did more dishes, helped jett get ready for football, made dinner for the hubby, did more dishes, played cards with miller, did crossword puzzle with miller, helped jett with shower, watched tv, watched half a movie, read with miller, snuggled with jett, fell asleep


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