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National Poetry Month Round-Up!

It’s May. What. The. Heck.

Look, I’m willing to forgive Time his speedy madness because Mother Nature has finally given us the Spring we’ve been so desperately waiting for. (She does that, doesn’t she?) Even though in other parts of the world Mother Nature is not being so sweet (donate to the Red Cross to help those in Nepal), I am grateful for the warmth the sun and gentle rains are bringing to my life.

April was National Poetry Month – and quite a successful one, wasn’t it? With loads of poetry readings and events happening all across Canada, I felt giddy with pride to be a poet even more so than usual. And, I do believe that we (the poets) made some new fans over the course of the month – giving the gift of poetry to those who may have otherwise not believed or not liked or maybe didn’t know enough about it – for the churches, bars, theatres, bookstores, libraries and trains were filled with audiences big and small. Yay!

I promised that I’d do my best to write as often as possible over the month on all things ‘poetry’. While I didn’t post something every day, I did post the most I’ve posted in months(!). And, I was busy in the community and beyond participating in poetry events.

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Here are some blogs about the events I was part of…

Notes/Books Reading a “Moving” Success

Poetry On Demand Hits the Radio Waves & Makes a Splash!

And something I haven’t done a specific blog about yet so here it is! I was part of a reading in the neighbourhood called The Junction in Toronto (St. Clair and Dundas) on April 19th. I shared the stage with Bruce Meyer, Alexandra Leggat and Daniel Perry. We were hosted by the Junction Reads & Writes group, led by the fabulous Alison G at 3030 Dundas West (a wicked cool bar with loads of craft beer, good food and a super stage). A small but dedicated crowd gathered to listen to us read poetry and prose. It was one of the best readings I’ve been invited to be a part of! I read from ‘Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy’ (‘member that old ditty?!) which I haven’t done in ages. I read a short story that I’ve been dying to read to someone other than myself, and I read a poem from ‘I Am That Woman’. Each of us read different genres and it was lovely to be a part of a reading that was so diverse. Afterwards, we were invited to the stage to answer some thoughtful questions from Alison and the audience. I think I got a little crazy with my answers. I just LOVE me a good Q&A! I could feel my cheeks getting redder and redder with each answer, and before I know it, I was all ‘love this and love that’…gah. Well, that’s me.

I spent the drive with my bestie and we talked and laughed and caught up on life. Then we feasted at Playa Cabana Cantina. Hot damn my fish tacos were delicious. Arriba!! I do hope to be invited to read with the Junction family again! What a thrill!



I read poetry that I hadn’t read before….Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’ and some Dylan Thomas. I finished reading ‘The Book of Negroes’ and started reading ‘The Incomparables’ by Alexandra Leggat. I wrote in my journal as often as I could. And I continued to binge watch ‘The Mindy Project’ because it brings me joy and makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe. Also, I meditated almost every day. (I got an app on my phone – Mindfulness App…it’s weird to go to my phone…such a ‘device’ to get my meditative guidance, but it’s working so I’m sticking to it). At the end of the month, I had a long talk with my editor, the comedic genius and poetic powerhouse, John Wing (Jr.), and we went through my new poetry manuscript ‘What’s Left of Me’. His guidance and suggestions makes my writing better…And I hope to send this edited collection out asap.

I think I can say that National Poetry Month for me was filled with poetic endeavors and passion. And it was busy…which funnily enough, always makes my output higher.

The final weekend of the month was spent celebrating love at my brother’s wedding in Niagara-on-the-Lake. A sweet little town with loads of heritage sites, excellent food and scenery that just won’t quit.

I hope that your National Poetry Month was fantastic too! And…I hope that we keep up this passion for poetry as we move forward. Continue to explore new writers, attend events and support your literary community!

V- out. (She drops the mic and exits stage-left.)

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Round-Up!

  1. You are a wonder, Vanessa! You found time for all that AND you meditated every day?!! My meditation practise has been iffy at best lately, but dang! you’ve inspired me again! I’m off to do my practise right now! Thanks, V!


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