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Cede Poetry – Inaugural Edition – And I’m in it!

Awhile back I submitted some poetry to a brand new on-line literary mag called Cede Poetry. Low and behold, one of my poems was accepted! (She jumps up and touches her heels together!) The first edition is out today!!

These virtual pages are graced by the likes of great Canadian poets like Alice Major and Patrick Lane. I’ve read through it and feel honoured to share space with such amazing writers. It’s a fine collection, it is! I do think you should definitely spend the three bucks it costs to download and read. it. up.

Now, on the $3.00 download charge. Please, just give it. Then go ahead and submit -so you have the opportunity to also get published – and the issue you’re in you won’t have to purchase! There was much kerfuffle amongst the poet community when the submission call came out because there was a reading fee to enter. My response to this poetic outrage is in this blog I wrote. Look, don’t buy coffee and a donut at Tim’s for one day. Buy this poetry instead. You’ll feel much better. I promise.

Cede is taking submissions, so feel free to get the info here.

And, if you click on this link you can get the first edition for 50% off. (The first 50 subscribers get this mega discount!) See what just happened here?!

Happy poetry! The world needs more poetry – so, here you go.

Thank you Cede for accepting my poem!!

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