What’s Your Incredible Coming-To-Canada Story?


Hello friends! I’m producing a show at the great Suede Productions – and I’m super excited about the content! Read below – and please share with everyone you know! Everyone’s got a story…and you know how I LOVE stories! Let’s get this show started! Thank you!

Do you or someone you know have a great “Coming-To-Canada” story?
If so, we want to document it! Suede is producing a new TV show celebrating incredible journeys to Canada. Did you cross an ocean for love? Did you leave a war-torn homeland? Your unique story matters, whether it took place sixty years ago or six years ago.
Submit your story (or that of a loved one if they are willing to participate), let us capture it and give it the audience it deserves.
Every submission must have an amazing story about a journey to Canada, told by a charismatic story-teller. You’re welcome to submit on behalf of someone else – as long as that person is willing to share their story with us on camera.
Send your email submission to with the following information:
1. Name of storyteller (if representing someone please include your own name as well)
2. Telephone contact
3. Email contact
4. A brief description of the journey story
We are accepting submissions until the end of February.

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Incredible Coming-To-Canada Story?

    1. Hi Irene! The person who lived the story is the one who has to tell the story…so unless your ancestor is still alive….he/she has to tell the story. 🙂


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