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Working Title – [Paper Girl] Poetry Book 2016


I’m still skipping and squeeing about my soon-to-be published new book of poetry! I’ve been meeting consistently with my editor, the great Marty Gervais of Black Moss Press. We are having a grand old time going through each poem in my manuscript. Yes, he’s a tough editor, but he makes my poetry stronger, and the editing process so empowering. We’re playing around with some titles…

‘What’s Left Of Me’ was the title I gave to the manuscript when I handed it, but one day we were editing a poem called ‘Paper Girl’ – and that really jumped out at us for a title.

It’s kinda funny…my first book of poetry is titled ‘I Am That Woman’….and now ‘Paper Girl’. A feminine mystique and power in the title really makes me squee. Does it matter that I am both a ‘woman’ and a ‘girl’? Things to contemplate.

Our goal is to have the title by March. Cover design too. I’ll share what I can…otherwise, I’ll continue to tease you.

The book with launch this September – guaranteed! It’ll be a massive event! I can’t wait to celebrate with you all!

The first line of the ‘Paper Girl’ poem…you wanna know what it is?

cut me open

Ha! Yes, call me pleasure delayer.

More to come!

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