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On Sunday, November 13, 2016, I drove with my girl Linda to Toronto for a reading at Axis Gallery & Grill in the neighbourhood of ‘The Junction’ in Toronto.

Linda and I trying to figure out a good selfie position!

We had about 8 hours in the car (there and back), and I can tell you that we did.not.stop.talking.the.whole.way!!! There’s nothing like a long drive to enable two gals to catch up on life! One of the joys of this book tour is that I’ve been able to reconnect with so many friends and family members. My heart is bulging before I even get to the readings! We were blessed with a safe drive (although we did see the remnants of a terrible car accident on the 401…we prayed for everyone…). It was a gorgeous sunny day, and when we arrived in the Junction, we walked arm in arm on Dundas looking at all the cool shops. We arrived early at the Axis Gallery & Grill, and sipped beer and wine and tea and water…continuing to talk and bond!

The reading started at 5pm. I was sharing the stage with writers Dan Perry, Malcolm Sutton, Colette Maitland, Heather Tucker and Shari Kasman. Our gracious and gorgeous host Alison introduced us each, and then lead us in a great q&a after we each had a chance to read. The audience was large in number and spirit! Even folks from Book Thug and The Puritan were there! That’s always exciting, when the support shows up in person(s)!!

Each writer had a unique voice (literally and figuratively) so the reading was diverse and entertaining.

This was my second time reading at the Junction Reads series. It is a welcoming, well-organized and well attended reading series that I’m tickled pink keeps allowing me to come back! Here is the fun in photos!

Thank you Alison! Thank you Axis Gallery & Grill! Thank you Dan, Heather, Shari, Malcolm and Colette! Let’s do it again sometime!

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