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Chapters Book Signing, Ballet, New Hair, Novel Update


First things first: I’m a blonde now. Yeah. Got the itch for a hair change. Makes sense…it’s a new year. I feel it in my bones and in my hair follicles, apparently! There you have it. I haven’t been a blonde since I was twenty. Feels good to be back. Don’t ask me if I’m having more fun – I already have loads. Don’t tell me I’m gonna get less smart. Ouch. If I do, it’s my own fault, not my hair colour’s! #peace

My signing at Chapters this past weekend was so much fun! It’s the second time I’ve had the chance to sign at the Chapters in Devonshire, and this time I felt much more comfortable. I came prepared with fun table dressings because, well, why not? Gotta catch people’s attention, right? Plus, it makes me feel like I’m channeling Gertrude’s Literary Cafe.


Some folks brave my poetry blocks and make a poem! Thanks Rebecca for this awesome gift!

img_9291 img_9293

I was signing books from 1pm – 3pm, and the time flew by. Friends and family came just to support and offer hugs and high-fives. Wow! I’m so grateful! I sold, I think, 7 books. That’s so great! I think the most exciting part was when a family of four stopped the table. The father was very inquisitive, so he picked up a copy of I Am That Woman, and started reading. Well, didn’t his chin, then cheeks, then forehead turn bright red! He called his wife over and said, “Honey, you have to read this! Look at me, I’m blushing!” He was so happy, and literally tickled red! He laughed and then we laughed together. He said, “You knew what was going to happen! Thank you for not pushing me to pick up your book, but I’m so glad I did! This is great!” And with that, they bought a copy of Look At Her! #amazing!

There were folks who asked if the stuff on my table was for sale. There were kids who rang the bell. There were people who asked about publishing. And there was the man who told me he’d rather kill himself than read poetry. Huh. I was gonna say, ‘Well, you haven’t read mine yet,’ but I refrained. I smiled and bid him a wonderful day. A life without ever reading poetry? *She shakes her head*

I met another local author! Yay!
Me and my big sis Danah! She’s launching a #dreamscometrue campaign on her new website! Go girl!



I also fun with my clothes. Why not?

Every girl should own yellow tights and a polka dot dress.
I love me my label maker. And my new glasses!

It was a wonderful day. My books, Whisky Sour City – an anthology of poetry about Windsor that I edited, I Am That Woman and Look At Her are all available in Chapters. They’ll be in Canadian Poetry as well as Local Interest. And, if you’re not heading to the mall, feel free to stop by Biblioasis where these books are also available. Amazon is still being wonky with my books, so if you want to shop from home whilst in your pyjamas, please visit chapters.ca to buy online.

I started ballet in December. I’m totally and utterly loving it. It’s changing my body, my love of my body, and its challenging physically like no other form of exercise I’ve done (and I’ve done lots, thank you very much!). I take it Monday evenings at The Dance Studio in Absolute Fitness (Dougall location). We are class of women who just love ballet. It’s that simple. I love it so much that Miller has noticed, and asked that she and I take lessons together! We start this Saturday! I’m so excited I could cry!

Mondays are for ballet. And for baking cake to eat after you ballet!

Oscar supports my dance choice.
I’m addicted to tights and leg warmers. Ballet is for fashion, right?
Jett’s happy-face cake.
My load-it-with-icing cake.

If you’re wondering how the #novel is coming along…well, I had one day of writing bliss…then deadlines came, and there was ballet and floor hockey…and an out of town reading…so I’ll get back to it this week. I feel confident that I’ll still hit my re-write deadline of end of March.

It’s a rainy day…I’m blogging while on a VIA train. I’m grateful. Happy Tuesday friends!


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