Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #7 – Hot Rivets

Hot Rivets – a very unique poem where the last word of one line must rhyme with the first or second word of the next line. (From author/illustrator Julie Larios)

Write a free-verse poem making sure that the final word rhymes with the first (or second) word of your next line.

Wicket from Word Well:


It’s a miracle my body keeps waking

Staking a claim on the universe so vast

Past souls mingling in my chest alive

Drive is deep moves my feet gives me move


It’s a miracle my heart keeps breaking

Making band-aids from poems I slap to my skin

Begin again each bursting into day

Obey nature’s verse to push through concrete


It’s a miracle the bombs hit the ground

Profound suffering yields nothing but more

Horror and we keep talking about the child

Wild terror the last pull on his story


It’s a miracle how uneven we choose

Lose connection as we pull inside

Pride a rope that binds our hands

Lands us crotch deep in guilt unmoving


It’s a miracle that we call it news

Hues of language paint an art absurd

Gird your coins with your palm and throw

Grow not your purse but your love


It’s a miracle we still write

Fight the wars of semantic floods

Blood’s all the same colour as it pours

Yours mine all the hearts give light


It’s a miracle my body keeps giving

Living for the links that hold

Bold solutions precious kiss

This is why we have lips


Tongue flung for your healing

Miracles ripe for the stealing


Wounded Writers Ask – link if you wanna play!

(Hi Irene!)

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