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Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #8 – Root Words

Pick a noun or a verb and, in 10 lines or less, write a definition about something or someone. Don’t worry if your memory is accurate or not. LET GO. Let this definition honour your history. Period.

Wicket from Word Well – who today is the hubby.

TIME (sheesh. he’s knows me too well.)

Time: (noun) 1. the thing that [tries] to control the experience of my life, 2. a feeling the shifts with energy and thought through minutes, hours, days, etc. 3. something that changes speed, 4. as in it’s time to go – a marker of doing, 5. a metaphorical way to explain movement, 6. a literal way to measure movement, 7. the plot (main character?) of a story we each tell, 8. as in sleep time – a place to go to dream, 9. as in remember that time? the holder of memories, 10. as in it’s time for my daily popsicle (Miller) – a place holder for a recurring action, 11. something I can’t escape, 12. as in let’s not do that again – a living space past that ought not re-occur, 13. as in just let me write for 15 minutesa collection of moments one wants for herself that are difficult to get when the family is home, 14. as in see you next time! – an in-the-future looking-forward-to, 15. as in it was her time to go – a word to mark an ending, 16. as in it’s my time to shine! – a word to mark an extraordinary action/occurrence,. 17. past, present, future, this moment, moments collected, moments to come, 18. as in we’re running out of – something to lose, 19. as in this is it! – all things, all the feelings, all the love, all the pain, all the everything in each breath, 20. love’s holder, 21. a theme to many great songs (ex. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time),  22. as in How long is he in office for? – a chance given from a start date to an end date for someone to control things…

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