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Wounded Writers Ask: Free Write #9 – 10 to Zen

Write your own ten to zen (10 TO ZEN is a list posted by the non-profit organization Global Meditations and Synchronized Social Actions. The repetition of “let go of” is a sentence starter…) paying close attention to what makes you feel free and secure in all that you are (and strive to be).

Wicket from Word Well – Ballet (because I’m looking at my DVDs for ballet!)

Let go of staring at your belly rolls in the mirror.

Let go of worrying your toes won’t curve that way.

Let go of comparing my body to hers.

Let go of thinking about how your sweat smells.

Let go of caring if she says you’re doing it wrong.

Let go of thinking you’re not as good as she is.

Let go of your monkey mind when you’re stretching.

Let go of looking at the bumps and lumps of skin around your bra and undies.

Let go of wishing your neck was longer.

Let go of ‘I can’t do that!’

Just hold the bar, feel powerful, and love the grace of this dance.

(Hi Irene! Sorry…forgot to say Hi yesterday!)

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