Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #13 – End Quote

Free Write #13 – End Quote

People who never laugh are not serious people.
Frederic Chopin

My favourite occupation is loving.
Marcel Proust

Now You Try: Rewrite the ending for Chopin and Proust’s lines, according to your own belief system. Next, rewrite the ending of one of your favourite quotes.

People who never laugh are:

…. are filled with hot air.

…. are crying inside.

…. are keeping secrets.

…. are meant to be hugged.

…. are in need of tickling.

…. are in need of attention.

My favourite occupation is (in no particular order except for loving- that’s first!):











A quote I have on my fridge:

You are your words, so love before you speak. 

The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well, so smile, ask questions, listen for the answers, and friendships will bloom. 

(So, this isn’t a quote per se, but I do use it like a quote all the time…)

Balls…so stay bouncy.

(Hi Irene!)

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