Wounded Writers Ask – Free Write #16 – The Outside Me/The Inside Me

In 3-4 lines, write something about yourself that reflects what stands in light (i.e. what people might easily recognize in you) and what stands in shadow (i.e. what people might not know about you). Shadow can be powerful or profound; it doesn’t have to be something sad or negative. And what you write to describe yourself can be something visible (e.g., I am tall) or something more abstract (e.g., I am hopeful) or a combination of both. What’s important here is that you allow yourself to BE vulnerable on the page.

Inspired by: Meredith Sue Willis (2000) from Personal Fiction Writing: A Guide to Writing from Real Life for Teachers, Students & Writers.

Wicket from Word Well: Fight (it’s the first word I saw on the hubby’s laptop as he lays [lies?] in bed beside me)

The Outside Me:

I am a mother. I am a poet. I like to wear colourful clothes. I like to dye my hair in many shades. My eyes are beer-bottle brown. I love to read and write.

The Inside Me:

I am two halves.

My Gemini soul keeps me split in two…and sometimes more.

I am consistently divided.

I am a fighter.


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