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Definitions, at this point in time, are essential to my journey.
Directly from my journal – a self-portrait.


I need some time.


To stop.

To reflect.

To write.

To finish things I’ve started.

To release things I cannot finish.

To welcome new dreams.

To figure out…how to rise from this place of ‘I Don’t Know’.

My mantra…one of many, but this one speaks so loudly:

I look to my past with compassion.

I look to my present with acceptance.

I look to my future with love.

(Thank you Liz Worth for this guidance.)

The thing is…I’m in pieces. I’d like to gather them, and re-design, re-build.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Quiet the voices. stop being so dramatic. stop eating chocolate. stop comparing yourself to every one. stop hoping so much. stop everything and finish. stop being so afraid. who do you think you are? And. So. Many. More

I will be quiet on social media. I will be here, but honouring a time of inside-ness.

That’s all I know for now.

6 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Support you. Love you. Sending you warm hugs and sparkles as you journey within. It is beautiful, it also sounds like you are at the beginning again, how wonderful and curiosity rising! SATI is a practice that it sounds like you are naturally using- using the mind to apply either: focus, clarity, compassion or acceptance to mental perceptions, life experiences and journey. Wherever we are – there we are! Life is a gift that brings growing experiences, peace, joy, love and/or healing experiences. How awesome that you get to experience all of these. It is so awesome that you listen to your deep beautiful soul. I Love you so much you are very beautiful inside and out.


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