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Mighty Catch-Up – Floods, Books, Clowns, TEDx

Peeling skin on palm.

I don’t know if you can see it in the photo, but the skin on the palm of my right hand is peeling. Like I’m some sort of shedding reptile. Weeeelllll. I just might be.

With the seasonal change in weather and worry, so too comes a seasonal change to my skin, it seems. My hands feel weird because they’re always so dry which is in direct relation to the amount of cleaning I’ve been doing. And dishes. Always damn dishes.

Yep. Our basement was one of many that was flooded a few ago after some fierce and fast rain dumped on our lovely city. Honestly, though in the moments that the water was spurting up from our drain like a water poltergeist, I (we) was (were) scared and upset, those moments passed quickly enough. Now, we’re grateful we live where we live – that our home, overall, is fine and standing…no earth quakes, no hurricanes to face. Being grateful is our motto. We did snap some interesting photos though…

Waters reached knee-high heights.
Only a Canadian would hop in his canoe as soon as a body of water formed, right? Our neighbours went for a leisurely canoe ride down our street. Their basement flooded as well, but, in good spirits, they took to the waters.
The hubby makes a rare appearance! He holds up two posters from our film poster collection that were damaged. There are more posters. And there will always be movies. #grateful (Also, he’s so darn hot!)
Our pile of things grew…we said goodbye and thank you!
Here is a ‘before/after’ photo of my office. Though we did lose a good number of books, the majority of my office things are totally fine. Everything is in bins and waiting for a new place to call home.

I don’t feel loss when I go downstairs, but I do feel a kind of quiet distance from my ‘things’. Before, when I walked into my office, it was like I was getting an embrace from the art and books and general creative energy. That’s what I miss – the fullness of the creative space. But, creativity comes from within as much as from the things that surround us, so for now, I’m finding ‘offices’ every where. At the dining room table, on my bed, at Suede…and the work is still getting done. Not sure when renovations will start. We have to put in a sump pump/back water valve, and we’re hearing that’s about a 3 month wait…in the interim, we’ll get closer and cuddly on the main floor and start dreaming about what the new basement will look and feel like. Happy renovating to all…and we’re sorry for all the loss! Please find the joy in re-dreaming! Oh, and if you want to share your story about your flood – join us tomorrow night for a Special Edition of Mouth Piece Storytelling – Flood! 7pm doors open. @Villains Baestro! It’s free – and there are prizes for the TOP THREE storytellers! Cash money and more!

I’m back in a room full of mirrors. Ballet, in a new studio, has begun. Monday evenings, I’m back at the bar with several other women, and we’re stretching and bending and plie-ing. We’re also doing small jumps and ballerina-esque movements across the studio. This is new for me. I’m getting used to it. I feel like a lumpy elephant thudding her way across the floor. A lumpy elephant with a weak bladder. Sigh. Thank you mini-pad-makers. Nah, we have fun! I did pull some muscles in my back though. Yowch. But, I can feel my muscles and that’s a good sign. Mostly, I just pretend I’m a ballerina…and that helps me get through the class! If you’re interested in taking Adult Ballet with us, here’a link!

I can say with gusto that this past summer was one of the best! We did loads of cool trips, went to cottages, swam in Ontario’s beautiful ‘great’ lakes, and, as the photos prove – we went cave climbing in Tobermory at Greig’s Caves! What a fun trip that was!

We visited Greig’s Caves near Lion’s Head, Tobermory area.
Oh, how we laughed! The kids were strong and brave!
We took this cave-climbing thing very seriously.

I did a lot of reading. I love reading. It’s a simple sentence, but boy, does it pack in some serious joy for me! I started and finished Stephen King’s IT. Okay. To answer your slew of questions: Yes, it’s over a thousand pages long. Yes, it is terrifying. Yes, I had nightmares. We all did. In fact, Pennywise the Clown became an inside, scary joke the whole time I was reading.

A brilliantly, terrifying story. Thank you Stephen King!

The kids really got into it – case in point:

Some ‘IT’ art by Jett! Miller kept leaving drawings of creepy clowns for me to find…

And yes, I did see the film with my BFF Christopher. It was pretty awesome. But nothing compares to the fear my own brain created as I was reading. I have to tell you, ‘IT’ is now in my top five favourite books of all time. Incredible. Beep Beep

Currently, I’m reading:

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Suzanne

What Happy People Know by Dan Baker

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

On Writing by Stephen King

What are you reading?

SHO, Spirit & Art held their annual Scattered Ecstasies event in early September. One of my poems was part of the unique artistic event. In the photos below you can see the actor who memorized and performed the poem, and the visual artist who created a painting after reading my poem.

Michael Krym, Me, the painting, Caroline Butson
This is a cool flower I saw in the gardens at Willistead!

What’s that? How’s my novel? Grrrreeeeaaattt question! *She throws back her head and laughs* That old thing? Well, I continued to revise and edit…and nope, I’m not done yet. I will be. Of course, the plan was to finish by end of August/first day of school – but we were flooded. It’s all good. I’m continuing to research agents and make connections in the writing world. Truly, I’ll finish any time now.

Poetry? Haven’t written a one, my dearies. But, oh, are there ever so many brewing.

This is happening:




I’m using much of my time working on this talk – writing, memorizing, creating slides – all to deliver what I hope will be a stellar speech about ‘The Original Stories’….an idea I have that I believe can inspire and make positive changes in the world! Check out the website I’ve been working on for The Original Stories HERE.

So, much, much, or ever so muchly-much is happening. I’m feeling good. Feeling strong. Sometimes tired. Sometimes exhausted, but overall, feeling very, very good.

Oscar is a delicious as ever.
…so is anything chocolate.

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