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Brace yourself! Upcomings and more!

So this happened! Two Saturdays ago I was taking out sweet little Pages for an early morning pee. It was raining. She was in my arms. I had slip-on (pun intended) shoes on my feet…and the wet deck got the better of my balance. KER-SLIPPITY! Down I fell. It was one of those slow-motion falls – a two-parter, actually. I slipped and fell on my left hip in slow-motion then my right foot had held but at the last second it too shot out – to the right where it should never go – and I heard this crunching kind of sound. I screamed, “Help! I fell! I fell!” It was soooo funny! It was like I was in one of those commercials: I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! I then thought: my ballet career!! Honestly! I did!

My dear hubby ran out in his undies and hovered over me not really sure how to help. I was in a very awkward position on the deck. The dogs were long gone playing and running like I wasn’t a heap on the deck. It took me a few moments to catch my breath. I thought I was going to vomit at one point, but then, the hubby, in all his almost-naked glory, helped me up (he’s strong. I weigh more than he does!), and carried me into the house.

There was no immediate swelling or discolouration so I knew I didn’t break any bones. However, that sound…it’s not a sound one wants to hear coming from within one’s own body. Opening a bag of chips, maybe. In any case, I waited about half an hour before I decided that I needed to go to a clinic. The pain was pretty bad and consistent and I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. We made it to a clinic and were told to book an ultra sound, and in the meantime, stay off of it and ice it. I did the icing…but stay off it? I did my best.

This morning I got my ultra sound results, and I definitely tore something. When my ultra sound came up on the screen, the doctor scrunched her face and said, “Oh no..” (She my have tskd too.) I was like, wait what? Those are words no patient wants her doctor to utter. She said I needed a brace, an appointment with a surgeon, and there is potential for surgery. Hot dawg. Even up to that point I was telling myself: it’s not that bad!

I was sent to the brace place which was upstairs from the clinic. I met with a friendly doctor. He reminded me of the actor Michael Chiklis. The resemblance is uncanny! In any case, he was wearing a very dapper pair of blue suede shoes. I told him (whispered) that he had great shoes. Then he whispered: Why are we whispering? And from that point on I knew it was going to be a fun interaction. In classic V style, I managed to embarrass myself several times – one time, accidentally hitting him in he head with my fist. (He was standing up from helping me get my boot off, and my hand was going down to help lift up the brace.) Then I said I was so sorry and put one hand on his shoulder – and one hand on his head! *SHE COVERS HER FACE IN EMBARRASSMENT* It was a parental reflex, I swear! He’s lucky I didn’t kiss it better!

It was pretty hilarious trying to get the brace up…the jumping and pulling. We had a good laugh. Good laughs. Thank you doctor! The brace is actually super helpful. My knee feels so much relief! I still can’t really bend it, but it feels much better than it did without the brace. Now, I must brace myself (pun intended) for physiotherapy…and hope like heck that I don’t have to have surgery.

You know what’s wild? I’ve never had an injury like this before. I made it almost thirty years! In fact, I was just telling someone that I’ve never broken anything (besides my heart – and that’s totally worth it!) – then I fall and tear an important muscle. It’s not a break, I guess. But close! Anyway, the adventure flows onward. I’m fine – and will be fine!

Farewell ballet…for now!!

Events are still happening! Even if I’m hobbling to the stage! Like these:


We are having our book launch for ‘Because We Have All Lived Here’ – a poetry anthology about the history – and a bit of the present! – our of city. Join poets Mary Ann Mulhern, Peter Hrastovec, DA Lockhart, Dorothy Mahoney, Carlinda D’Alimonte and Marty Gervias as we read from this new collection. It’s a wonderful gift to give this Christmas!

On WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017, from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, I will be hosting a reading and workshop with poet Dorothy Mahoney at the Budimir Library. We would cordially like to invite you to give the gift of poetry this season! We will read and write poetry – and offer ideas and inspirations for poetry to write and give! It’s free! 

On FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, 2017 AT 7:30PM AT VILLAINS BAESTRO in downtown Windsor, I’m hosting the final storytelling competition of the season: Mouth Piece Storytelling – The Childhood Edition! Featuring Guest Storyteller Janice Smith and Guest Musician Allison Brown! This is our last event of 2017 – and it’s on a FRIDAY! – so gather your childhood stories and come on out and share! The winner will get a fancy prize and advance to our Master Mouth-Off event in the new year.


On WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH, 2017 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Central Library (Windsor Public), join Urban Farmhouse Press in launching its anthology of By The River poetry. Featuring loads of local poets! It’s gonna be a grand event with many people reading, books for sale and signing, and general good holiday cheer!

If you haven’t had the chance (or maybe you didn’t know?), I was interviewed on a local television show called Scribes & Songsters, hosted by the lovely Veronique Mandal. I am featured with Paul Vasey and Allison Brown on the fifth episode of art-centred show. The youtube link is up and ready for watching! Do have a look!

Vanessa on Scribes & Songsters

After that, my dearests, I’m calling it. I intend to write, read and rest with a dedicated focus!

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