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Today – Glissade

Monday. Back-to-school day. Back-to-work day. Begin new beginnings day!

I am at Gertrude’s Writing Room in my office. I’ve cleaned up. Loaded the bookshelves with more books. Put away the Christmas decorations. And gone through the huge pile of ‘to-get-to’ papers. Had mostly chocolate for lunch…so have to eat something healthy now. I’m hungry!

And…I started a word-a-day calendar that I got for myself for Christmas.

Today’s word is: GLISSADE (VERB) – to skillfully glide over snow or ice in descending a mountain, as on skis or a toboggan.

My sentence using this word:

I could be at the top of the mountain looking down before I push off on my skis for a lavish glissade, however, I’m currently in the chalet sitting in front of the fireplace eating a chocolate bar and warming my chilly toes.

Overall, feeling a little stressed at how quickly the time seems to be passing thus far. Stopping to eat and be grateful now.

Taking in the load of thanks I received from a class of delightful students who I spoke to before the holidays at Northwood Public School. #myheart

I am thankful to be a writer who can share her love of writing with as many people as possible!

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