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Half Spent.

Last night, I could have spent half the night reading and finishing Canadian (she lives in Nova Scotia) writer Ami McKay‘s new book Half Spent Was the Night– A Witches Yuletide. I was in bed with my daughter while I was reading…and she wanted to go to sleep (!!) so I had to turn the light off and stop reading! (#cosleepingisforsnugglers) I hope t swoop back in and finish reading this story tonight. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

Ami Mckay is one of my favourite writers. I’ve read all of her books and each one finds a toggle to my writer’s heart and soul and I’m sucked in. I love that. I suffer sometimes severe post-book comas…where I can’t read anything for some time because her work is so amazing. Plus, she writes about witches and women – themes to witch (hee) I very much relate.

I purchased this book for myself as a Christmas gift..and I’ve waited for the perfect time to read it. Witch (hee-hee) is now.

Thank you, Ami for writing these stories and giving us characters who haunt us in the best of ways.

What are you reading?

2 thoughts on “Half Spent.

  1. I got “Half-Spent Was the Night” from my daughter for Christmas and I really enjoyed it too. Ami McKay has a way of wiggling into your conciousness… she paints such a vivid picture of old New York, and her characters are so passionate and mysterious. I just wish it was longer! I also read “New People” by Danzy Senza and although I didn’t really like the characters or the book, it was well written and it got me thinking and sparked a very heated discussion in my family about the issues raised in the book: mixed race children. Now I’m reading “In a House of Lies” by Ian Rankin: a good, reliable mystery with a definite Scottish accent. The dark side of Edinburgh: great escape lit for me.


    1. Thanks for the lengthy response, Charis! I finished ‘Half-Spent was the night’ – soooo good! I too wish it was longer. I’m sure Ami is working on another full-length book! Thanks for the other book suggestions…!


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