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Words for Today

Word of the day:

cri de coeur (noun): an anguished cry of distress or indignation, outcry.

My sentence:

When I walked into Gertrude’s Writing Room and I saw that there on the table sat a massive box of Russel Stover chocolates, a cri de coeur escaped my mouth, for how would I be able to avoid stuffing my mouth with the sweet, delicious chocolates?

And this from poet P.K. Page:

From ‘Beside You’, The Essential P.K. Page selected by Arlene Lampert and Thea Gray (The Porcupine’s Quill, 2008)

My body flowers
in blossoms
that will fall
petal by petal
all the days of my life

Read poetry. It will cultivate your garden of creativity.

2 thoughts on “Words for Today

  1. Beautiful poetry and I agree with what you say about poetry in general. There are some poets that tell you more about your own life than you’ve even realised. 🙂


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