On Writing

Then this happened…

Gertrude’s Writing Room is a recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Starter Company Plus small business start-up program offered through the Windsor Essex Small Business Centre!



Oh friends, I’m just bursting with joy and thanks for being a part of this program. I’ve been a part of it since September 2019 and I’ve learned sooooo much! I was pretty much in small business school for awhile there, and learning so much about how to run a business – that can grow and be successful. Friends, there was math involved. Like, lots of math! But, I did it! And, yes, I’m still learning so very much! But, I found out I got the grant at the end of December after finishing my business plan (94-pages in length. Yowch.) and pitching to a jury of small business experts/owners. I was a hot nervous mess…even dropped a chocolate bar into a coffee cup of one of the jurors. Classic Vanessa. But…it all worked out! Yippee!


I can’t take it to the bank, but I can take the regular size cheque and put it in my new ‘small business’ account. Golly!

The second part of the program includes a mentorship. I can’t wait to meet my mentor! May they be blessed with math brains! Ha!

This is super great news!! What a fabulous start to twenty-twenty!

Thank you to the Windsor Essex Small Business team (Myrtle, Sabrina, Shannon), the Starter Company Plus team, and YOU for all your love and support for keeping this mama’s…this small business owner’s...dream alive and thriving!


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