Writing Life

Talking and Listening

The dishes are calling but I’m not listening. Cuss them.


Today I did a lot of talking. Like, a lot.

Never underestimate the power of talking. Of having a conversation.

Never underestimate the power of listening. Of being an integral part of a human-to-human exchange.

Writers write and writers read, this is true. Absolutely.

But writers listen too. And they talk. A lot.

At least I do. And so do other writers I know and love and learn from.

Writing dialogue is an important part of our craft. Doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or not – dialogue is everywhere. It follows then that engaging in real-life dialogue is kind of research, right? A sure way to practice this important part of the writing craft.

So, if you’re like me, and you realize that you spent three hours in a row talking and listening, know that it counts as work.

It counts as supporting your writing life and the relationships you have in your life, which likely also support your writing life in many different ways.

I started thinking that maybe this day wasn’t as ‘productive’ as I hoped it would be. But then when I really thought about it, I decided that train of thought was bunk. So I got off that train, folks.

And here I am. Sitting at my messy dining room table. Procrastinating, yet also, reflecting (see how procrastination can be a positive thing?), and feeling good about the productivity of the day.

We can measure our success in so many different ways, can’t we?

Talking. Listening. It counts.

And now…dishes.

Happy talking.

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