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You Tell Me

Friends, I really miss writing poetry on demand. Since I met and exchanged poems with @dreampoetforhire Marshall James Kavanaugh, I’ve had an extreme desire to write poetry for you.

So, you tell me what you want me to write about.

Give me a comment with a theme or even 3-6 words – any words you want! – and I’ll write you a poem.

I think this will help with my floopy-ness. Writing always helps me push through whatever’s trying to push itself out of me.

If’d you rather send me an email (shieldsvanessa@gmail.com), go ahead and do that. Or if you’re reading this on Facebook or Twitter – you can give me a theme or your words in the post comments.

I’ll send the poem I write for you poem to you in an email or private message.

You tell me what to write about.

Thank you!

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