Writing Life


Tomorrow I will get dressed.

I will brush my teeth first thing in the morning…not sometime after dinner when I run my tongue over my teeth and they feel covered in wool sweaters.

I just made ‘x’ marks on two March calendars to show how many days have past. Never has a month felt so bizarre.

The kids will not be going to school tomorrow, yet we are starting the Shields Family Home School. From 9am to 3pm, we’re ‘schooling’ at home. Learning and working together complete with nutrition and physical activity breaks. We simply must.

Tomorrow will be the start of a new kind of schedule.

Everything has changed since last Sunday.

I can feel the energy shifting as people return home from vacations. Virus cases will continue to rise. As I write it, as I read it in my head, as I hear it…my brain thinks it’s a novel I’m writing…and at the same time knows it absolutely is not. A 2015 video of Bill Gates ‘calling’ this pandemic as the next big human challenge to face is making rounds as is a voice recording of a woman talking about what to do if you get the virus. Facebook messenger has become a den of ‘keep it going’ gifs an links – everything from virtual hugs to getting more ‘followers’ for women-run small businesses.

It. All. Feels….Strange.

I’ve seen picture of families meeting virtually – members reaching across the globe. We have a virtual dinner date set with a friend this week. People are still communicating. It’s lovely but it’s also making my skin crawl…in a way that it doesn’t understand why it’s not closer to other skin.

I had a brief conversation with my neighbour. We stood apart, the fence separating us…but gosh, was it something to hear her voice, hear her laugh, see her eyes.

Yes, tomorrow I will get dressed – refuse the t-shirt and joggers. Lift up my girls with a proper bra. I will put deodorant on. My rings, necklaces, earrings.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.

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