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Chocolate Cake

Well, we made it to three o’clock and our first day of the Shields Family School is complete. As you can see, the kids have vanished. I’m still writing away.

It’s been a good day. Yes, I got dressed, put on a real bra, brushed my teeth first-thing, and put on actual clothes. (Though I could hear my joggers whimper when I didn’t choose them this morning.)

We followed our schedule including breaks. We did yoga and dancing for our physical fitness. We ate lunch together. It has been very productive day so far.

I baked a chocolate cake last night because I was craving it like nobody’s bid-ness. She’s a little messy, but damn she tastes good. If I ever opened a bakery (which I’ve actually dreamed of doing), it would be called something like ‘The Ugly Baked Goods Co.’ or ‘Messy Delicious Baked Goods’. Definitely business names that give me permission to not bake perfect-looking treats.

I’m well into ‘The Chilbury Ladies Choir‘ by Jennifer Ryan. It’s soooo wonderful and exactly what my reading heart needs. The next book I think I’ll read is ‘The Woo Woo’ by Lindsay Wong (she’s Canadian – woo woo!). And of course, I’m still reading friends’ writing/manuscripts, so there’s no shortage of things to read here.

I’m feeling pretty good at the moment, however, three o’clock is often an energy turning point in my day. I chalk it up to all those years in school…and now that I’m pretty much going to school again (!), I know this late afternoon lull is gonna keep on keepin’ on.

I hear that our premiere will soon announce full closures on everything except essentially needed business/places. Full lock-down has arrived. We are in the second-act of this wild movie-like human experience. How long will it last? What will the climax be? What will our heroes (that’s us, yo) have learned? How will our characters arc?

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blogs and sharing thoughts on reading and writing. It’s helping me feel connected. Please keep it up!

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